Acceptable Use Policy

This page includes a set of rules applied to users when using our service. Below you will find a QA section for better understanding of Acceptable Use Policy.

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Last Updated 04/18/2020

Our Acceptable Use Policy sets out all the permitted uses and prohibited uses of this site.

You may not access or use the Site for any purpose other than that for which we make the site and our services available. The Site may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by us.

What is encouraged at Quarks

I'm a teacher/lecturer/tutor. How can I use Quarks?

Quarks are basically a platform for sharing knowledge. So it's a great place to continue with educational process. If you have professional or academic background you can provide valuable answers to various questions at Q Quarks and DevOps building your reputation. Or you can bring your students to Quarks Academy and use it to help your mentorship reach new levels.

I would like to ask about something personal. Is it ok at Quarks?

Feel free to ask any question as long as our community can handle it. Find appropriate categories for it. There always should be an answer even for a personal matter. Just remember to follow this Policy.

Our company would benefit from having a QA support section. May I start one?

We offer custom QA forums for businesses and brands. Feel free to contact us via query[at] and we will get back to you soon.

What is prohibited at Quarks

I represent business/online store. Can I promote it?

You are not allowed to use this site to promote your business or third parties in direct or indirect manner (i.e. pretend to be a client or to have experience with any commercial products). If you are a business representative and wish to use features of Quarks service, you should use Enterprise section.

I don't know well the current language of the website. Can I post questions and answers in my native language?

Quarks have dedicated and independent websites for specific languages (i.e. Thus, if you ended up on the website with different language than your native one, please switch to another locale branch (if available). You are only allowed to post messages in the current language. Otherwise, our moderators will have to remove your publications from the discussion list.

I posted an answer, but it got removed. Why?

Your post might have violated our general Acceptable Use Policy. There is also a chance that your post have disclosed some personal data of another user which is strictly prohibited. Please, keep in mind that our priority is to keep discussions free from hate speech, misleading statements and any forms of harassment or abuse. Thus, we let our users to engage with the community safely without disclosing any real data about them. If you still think that your post was mistakenly removed, feel free to reach us via email at query[at] and we will review your request.

I like your service. May I use a part of it on my website?

We appreciate our users positive experience. Nonetheless, it is forbidden to use unauthorized framing, hotlinking, making any connections to our website in order to collect data from it. It includes our Logo and any contents protected with copyright notice.

I'm an official representative. How can I get access/account information about specific user?

We are unable to disclose any personal information to third parties or governmental representatives unless we receive a court order from country with unsullied, independent justice system that confirms user is a terror suspect. That is highly unlikely.